So the day finally came last weekend after months of planning for the 2nd annual Players Classic at Goodwood motor circuit.

To say it was a day that had everything would be an understatement……thunderstorms…….glorious sunshine and an S4 rolling round the track…….well we like to keep people entertained here at Players.

For those of you that didnt make it heres a superb short by the boys at Archive to give you an idea of what we get upto…


The day would’nt have gone as well as we thought it did without the support of our sponsors but also all the people who entered their cars in what is now regarded as the ULTIMATE all marque show and shine event of the year.


A huge thank you must goto the guys at …..

Airlift Performance

Car Audio security






JD Wraps

Glassup and Stoski

See you in a month at Playd Out in SoCal………..


So here at Players Show we dont like to do things by half, so when we teamed up with our good pals at Rotiform we decided to build 2 Rocket Bunny kitted BMW E36’s.

We dont plan on just building them though, we are gonna drive the pair of them across mainland Europe to Worthersee in Austria for the annual gathering of all German car madness.

So with our new Workshop now up and running we decided to get cracking….



As with most of our builds the cars will run a Airlift Performance bagged set up and based on the HUGE wheels Rotiform have provided us with the arch’s needed a bit of tweaking…



So with time ticking we needed to get the kit on for a test fit ready for dropping the car off at @J_D_Wraps to work their usual magic..

photo copy



So we will be setting off on the 18th May in these two and it will be intersting to see what Europe makes of these as we drive 1000miles across it.






The long wait is almost over for track time ticket’s at Goodwood this year.

We listened to your comments from last year and have addressed them to make sure you get the time on track you want and get to enjoy one of the most historic and iconic race circuits in the world.

Tickets will be released on 26.04.2014 at 12pm and you will need to be quick as they will be limited and we know from the amount of requests we have had they wont be around for long.







So you want to show your car at Players Classic this year, but it didnt make it into the top 350 or you didnt think it would so didnt apply or like alot of us you just want to park up with your mates or clubmembers?

Well then luckily we have the answer……

This is the pass you need as theres no restriction on how you park inside the Chicane Paddock and not only that you also be able to pick a possible prize as the guys from Airlift Performance from the states will be picking the “Great eight” from this paddock and giving trophies at the end of the day prize giving…



Be quick though as these are limited to 200 and they are only available on pre purchase and this GUARANTEE’S your spot and your ticket will be sent out after 1st May…


Classic June 7th 2014……..Meguiars Paddock



So if you think your car is one of the top 350 in the country and you still have’nt applied for your spot in the Meguiars Paddock then theres still time………but not long.

For your opportunity to showcase your car no matter what make or model then you need to get some pix and spec to us at…….

But be quick as we have been inundated with applications and we have already selected over 200.

Keep an eye out this week for more exciting news about another way to show off your car at Classic…..



Project Playdat makes it’s debut at a Dub show……


So we took a Datsun to a Volkswagen show……and it seemed to go down well.

Although its nowhere near finished we just couldn’t help ourselves and without the help of our friends it would never have got there!!!

The chaps down at pulled some real late nighters to get the car usable for the show and really went above a beyond what we expected in terms of fabrication……everything on the rear of that Chassis is HAND MADE…….enough said.



Also the buys at  got the 47 year old paint and panels looking great, there is so much more to come and over the winter things are gonna get real wild with this little truck…..



For the moment we just plan on getting it running sweet and using it for some shows………and the school run!!!!!!

Wrapping presents…….The 3M and JD way

So if like us you have the attention span of a goldfish and get bored the moment your car is finished, or you simply aren’t brave enough to paint your car the colour you REALLY want it the wrapping your car is the answer.

3m    have developed a huge and exciting range of new colours including some fantastic Matte colours we put to good use last year……



Heres our RS4 in 3M Copper Matte metallic as wrapped by our good friends over at J_D Wraps just before we set off on the Modball, showing another fantastic bonus of wrapping your car…!!!
We thought it was unfair not to treat our Low Road  to a  covering of  3M Matte Purple Metallic again applied by J_D Wraps in Chelmsford..
Don’t be put off by thinking that it only suits new age cars because after being told it couldn’t be done with the help of 3M and J_D we wrapped our 76″ mk1 golf in 3M Matte Red Metallic, not only did it totally change the dynamic of the car but also completely protected the freshly applied paint.
Once again this year we are teaming up with 3M on our project cars including something a little special for Ultimate Dubs…….



photo 2


So this is what we started and as of our last update it had bee dropped to the boys at slam min specialists  ..

Well the transformation is well underway with many late night chats discussing parts and notching!!!



Then last saturday we were sent this picture of the rear buck sitting onto of a pair of 14″ Lotus Eclat wheels and the rear frame……this shows just how much of a notch its gonna take!!!!

We are in safe hands with Matt and the boys as there really is no one better in the UK for this type of work..

A few hours later and this pic arrived………



So the body is getting closer to the gravel so best we order some wheel’s……..Well some custom ROTIFORM’s will be getting made for this in the summer so in the meantime we needed get the truck rolling so we went for some steels……….But don’t panic these won’t be staying stock for long as the boys at will be working their magic on these….

Next up will be the interior………

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