VIDEO: Felgen Outlet @ Worthersee 2013

We’re loving this latest video from Felgen Outlet – and we’re not just saying that because the Players S4 and Mk1 Golf are featured in it! The guys have taken show videos to a whole new level with some seriously cool footage courtesy of a R/C helicopter with a camera attached. If you’ve never been to Worthersee, it really is as amazing as this video makes it out to be. Like, share, enjoy.

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GET INVOLVED: Track time @ Players Classic

You can’t hold an event at somewhere as prestigious as Goodwood without taking advantage of the 2.4-mile circuit, right? Part of what makes Players Classic such a unique event is the non-stop track action in association with Air Lift Performance, so if you consider yourself a dab hand behind the wheel you’ll want to make sure you get involved… Continue reading

WALLPAPER: Rotiform’s Porsche 964

Rotiform’s Porsche 964 is amazing. Brian had the car shipped from Cali to the UK where it underwent an audio install by Kenwood Electronics, re-paint by StyleHaus, re-trim by Plush and then a rebuilt engine by Milestone 71 before driving the car 1000+ miles across Europe to Worthersee. Rumour has it the freshly-built engine will happily keep up with a new 991 upto 170mph on the German Autobahn… Continue reading