Classic June 7th 2014……..Meguiars Paddock



So if you think your car is one of the top 350 in the country and you still have’nt applied for your spot in the Meguiars Paddock then theres still time………but not long.

For your opportunity to showcase your car no matter what make or model then you need to get some pix and spec to us at…….

But be quick as we have been inundated with applications and we have already selected over 200.

Keep an eye out this week for more exciting news about another way to show off your car at Classic…..



Project Playdat makes it’s debut at a Dub show……


So we took a Datsun to a Volkswagen show……and it seemed to go down well.

Although its nowhere near finished we just couldn’t help ourselves and without the help of our friends it would never have got there!!!

The chaps down at pulled some real late nighters to get the car usable for the show and really went above a beyond what we expected in terms of fabrication……everything on the rear of that Chassis is HAND MADE…….enough said.



Also the buys at  got the 47 year old paint and panels looking great, there is so much more to come and over the winter things are gonna get real wild with this little truck…..



For the moment we just plan on getting it running sweet and using it for some shows………and the school run!!!!!!