Wrapping presents…….The 3M and JD way

So if like us you have the attention span of a goldfish and get bored the moment your car is finished, or you simply aren’t brave enough to paint your car the colour you REALLY want it the wrapping your car is the answer.

3m  http://solutions.3m.co.uk/wps/portal/3M/en_GB/3M-/vehicle-wrapping/    have developed a huge and exciting range of new colours including some fantastic Matte colours we put to good use last year……



Heres our RS4 in 3M Copper Matte metallic as wrapped by our good friends over at J_D Wraps just before we set off on the Modball, showing another fantastic bonus of wrapping your car…..protection!!!

We thought it was unfair not to treat our Low Road  to a  covering of  3M Matte Purple Metallic again applied by J_D Wraps in Chelmsford..
Don’t be put off by thinking that it only suits new age cars because after being told it couldn’t be done with the help of 3M and J_D we wrapped our 76″ mk1 golf in 3M Matte Red Metallic, not only did it totally change the dynamic of the car but also completely protected the freshly applied paint.
Once again this year we are teaming up with 3M on our project cars including something a little special for Ultimate Dubs…….



photo 2


So this is what we started and as of our last update it had bee dropped to the boys at slam min specialists  http://ballsd.co.uk/  ..

Well the transformation is well underway with many late night chats discussing parts and notching!!!



Then last saturday we were sent this picture of the rear buck sitting onto of a pair of 14″ Lotus Eclat wheels and the rear frame……this shows just how much of a notch its gonna take!!!!

We are in safe hands with Matt and the boys as there really is no one better in the UK for this type of work..

A few hours later and this pic arrived………



So the body is getting closer to the gravel so best we order some wheel’s……..Well some custom ROTIFORM’s will be getting made for this in the summer so in the meantime we needed get the truck rolling so we went for some steels……….But don’t panic these won’t be staying stock for long as the boys at  http://www.thepaintbox.co.uk/ will be working their magic on these….

Next up will be the interior………