Choosing the right seats is one of the most important parts of any car build. On the track they keep you pinned in round the sharpest turns, and on the motorway they stop your arse from going numb! A good set of seats can make or break your interior, especially if you’re going to be showing it off at somewhere like Players @ Goodwood. Continue reading

Players @ Modified Nationals 2013

When there’s sunshine scheduled during a bank holiday it’d be rude not to give the motors a clean and get ’em on display, right? With that in mind, Players travelled over to the East Of England Showground for Modified Nationals – an annual event attracting thousands of car nuts from all styles and scenes. Continue reading

New shoes for Modified Nationals…

With just a few weeks to go until Players Classic we’re spreading the word by attending every major show and meet possible! With Carl’s Audi RS4 and ‘miss piggy’ S4 being full-time media whores for us, it was about time we changed the wheels again… after all, it’s been about a month since the last set! We’ll leave you with this little teaser of Rotiform’s latest super-sweet wheel design, check back later for more shots and full details… Continue reading

VIDEO: Felgen Outlet @ Worthersee 2013

We’re loving this latest video from Felgen Outlet – and we’re not just saying that because the Players S4 and Mk1 Golf are featured in it! The guys have taken show videos to a whole new level with some seriously cool footage courtesy of a R/C helicopter with a camera attached. If you’ve never been to Worthersee, it really is as amazing as this video makes it out to be. Like, share, enjoy.

Continue reading

GET INVOLVED: Track time @ Players Classic

You can’t hold an event at somewhere as prestigious as Goodwood without taking advantage of the 2.4-mile circuit, right? Part of what makes Players Classic such a unique event is the non-stop track action in association with Air Lift Performance, so if you consider yourself a dab hand behind the wheel you’ll want to make sure you get involved… Continue reading

CHECK IT: Rotiform’s Porsche 964

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the past month, chances are you’ll already be well aware of the Rotiform Porsche 964. Unveiled at Worthersee 2013 it looks totally amazing in every picture! But here’s the thing, it’s even better once viewed up close, and at Players Classic 2013 you’ll have the one and only opportunity to check it out in the metal… Continue reading

Players Showcase Pass – Get ’em before it’s too late!

With just a few weeks to go until Players Classic @ Goodwood time is running out to get your tickets! The Players Showcase Pass is essential if you’re looking to have your car(s) on a club stand, and each driver will need one to get their car in.

Priced at just £12 each the Showcase Pass is only available in advance and you don’t need your car pre-approved either. For that you get confirmed entry into Showcase and a Players sticker pack including a super-cool Goodwood sticker! To get yours ordered please visit the following link: http://www.players-show.com/shop/product/players-club-showcase-pass/  

Rate or hate? Lamborghini Egoista

We don’t usually post supercar content here at Players, but we just had to make an exception for possibly the wildest Lamborghini ever created… and that’s saying something! It’s called the Egoista and according to Lamborghini it’s been styled by an Apache Helicopter (minus the wings). A 5.2-litre V10 delivers over 550bhp and there’s only space for the driver, but just look at that styling! Continue reading

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